Wednesday, April 29, 2015


A fun day at the Renaissance Festival.
My grandson Sam and I had a fun time this past weekend at the local Renaissance Faire. On our way, we stopped in a store for something to drink and ended up buying these noses..... The funds for these go to a children's fund for underpriveleged kids. A good way to spend a dollar, and don't you think we look cute with our noses on??

 The first thing we did when we arrived was go  to the area where they were offering elephant and camel rides. Sam chose to ride the elephant, however, needing both hips replaced.... I passed on this and attempted to get a few shots of this.  Was not easy, as the entire ride was about 30 seconds and most of it was this view. Oh well, I tried, and now Sam can say, been there and done that.....
One of the things that I really enjoyed so much was the opportunity to photograph the people at the fair and to see  them "IN CHARACTER". The people who work in this fair  are often people who do this year after year, but for newer people, they "study" the characters they are to portray for weeks in advance of the fair.  I loved capturing their faces "being who they portrayed", and thought they did a great  job at making us feel as if  we were back in old England.

Some totally amazing hats at this place. More fun to wear when you are drinking your ale.....

What an elaborate costume... must have taken hours to get in to, and she had so much fun posing for me.

A group of "BAWDY LADIES" singing on one of the stages. What characters they are.

Now away from the faire, and had to share a shot of little Genevieve who is practicing her sitting up. One day soon I do think, and she works very hard getting herself in to this position.

One more thing to share for this Friday, and that is a great book that I am reading on creative use of photography. For those of you who love photography, it is really a fun book for creative ideas. Hugs to all of you and hope your upcoming weekend is a great one.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


 Joining in today with Saturdays Critters with one of my very favorite critters in my life. This is Zeke, my dear little yorkie who I think is an excellent companion. Poor little guy has been having a lot of problems with his teeth, which I believe is very common in these little dogs, and now, he doesn't have quite enough teeth left to help keep his tongue in his mouth.... thus that tongue hanging out . Having to get used to this new expression of his. Another thing I have to say about him is that he absolutely hates having his photo taken. He was not quite as quick as usual here , but after just one shot, he was like "MOM, QUIT WITH  THE PHOTOGRAPHY ALREADY!" Most of the time though,  he is the sweetest boy ever, and loves snuggling and being held. Love his companionship and his sweet attitude!
Also loving the beautiful flowers of spring in my yard. This clematis in my rock garden is filled with flowers, covering an archway  with their beauty. Happy Saturday to all of you!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Well as you can see, I apparently am not too busy at the moment, and actually wanted to share a few things that I have been contemplating and think  definitely worth sharing.  At least this is some stuff that has touched me deeply.  Have been following a blog which to me has been sooooooo meaningful. The blog is called
MUNDANE FAITHFULLNESS and I think has a real message. The blog was originally started by a young mother with terminal breast cancer.  She had 4 small children and fought her cancer for 2 years before dying recently. She sought God's Grace in her life every day, and her blog so reflected her faith, and her seeking to find goodness in this time of her life.
Since her death, her friends and family who so well supported her during her last two years, are continuing her blog in such a beautiful manner. This woman's name is Kara Tippitts, and she also wrote and published a book during her illness. I thought that the book also packed a powerful message, and the name of it is THE HARDEST PEACE.  I read it three times, and cried my eyes out every time I read it, but it has such a powerful message for anyone facing a difficult illness or aging.
     In one of her posts she talked about her feelings about her cancer.... She said "Cancer changes things..... it makes me look at each moment as precious, and the people around me as gifts. I have lived as a glutton, gorging myself on life without truly tasting it. I hate cancer, and I love cancer..... Jesus has a lot to show me in the coming months, and I pray that I am an APT STUDENT." Such a  great attitude. I have been thinking that this would not only apply to a terminal illness, but also to aging, as there are so many losses that can occur during this time of life. If any of you know of anyone who has cancer, Kara's life story would be such a great guide to ways to handle this sort of thing in your life. Wanted to share her message here. Her message is one that I want to remember in my own life every day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I have to say that there is practically nothing that I love more than waking up on a spring morning to the sound of the birds chirping, the early morning mist after a night time rain storm, and the sound of the Mountain Fork River running by my cabin window. It always makes me feel like jumping out of bed, finding my camera and going out to catch some of the magic of the morning .
Peeking off of my side porch down in to the woods where I am often able to see some of the deer that bed down in the woods below us. Today, only caught the magic of the morning light on the newly greening trees. After a cup of my morning coffee, knew it was time to go out and do a little bit of exploring, so got my husband, who was also ready to go , and off we went to see what we could find.
Loved seeing all of the beautiful carpet of yellow flowers in the meadows as we headed up to some of the mountain roads, which are plentiful.
The place we headed this morning was to BOKTUPELO Creek valley. Love this valley as it follows the creek for miles and miles, crossing the road over and over as it winds its way through the mountains. So beautiful seeing all of the trees which have just leafed out. It is so lovely to see all of the light greens of the new growth, and love also seeing the reflections in the creeks.  One of my favorite things when I am out is to find some rocks to take back to the cabin and use in flower beds or along walkways. One thing about Oklahoma where our cabin is , is that there are interesting rocks everywhere, and, I am a big collector of rocks.

Every where we stopped there were special little touches of color and beauty!
After a lot of spring rains, the creeks were filled with water and lovely to sit beside. I was disappointed that I got out of my house without taking a nice picnic and  some coffee.... but maybe next time

Many dogwoods blooming out in the woods and love seeing these lovely flowers.

Love the intricateness of these colorful thistles. Beauty combined with the stickers. Look but don't touch. This always reminds me of the beauty of life if we look, and often the beauty is right there in the middle of the "stickers' in life too.
My favorite thing I saw today was a meadow where the thistles were in bloom. There were literally hundreds of butterflies all over these thistles, and they were gorgeous to see. My mother and I had lots of talks about butterflies, and when I see these butterflies in such great numbers, I always feel the presence of my mother strongly. Has so much fun shooting photos of these beautiful "painted ladies' and feeling the spirit of my mother, reminding me of her love.

After several hours of exploring, which is never disappointing, we headed back off the mountain road and back to the highway toward our cabin. I Love the hundreds of miles of dirt roads all over these mountains and consider these roads to explore a great treasure, and never fail to find some amazing things when out exploring. This is the last time we will be up at  our cabin before a long awaited trip which we planned a year ago. We are going to go to the Chesapeake Bay area on a 7 day cruise in the Eastern Shore area. Really looking forward to this as it is an area that neither my husband or I have ever been to. Think it will be so much fun. We are also going to have a chance to go to Washington DC. Although I have been in every state, amazingly, I have never been to our nations capital, so also really looking forward to this.  Ready for a break from work, and can hardly wait for departure time , which is coming soon.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Such a beautiful day for a hike today. We have had so much rain lately and it has truly made the spring flowers just beautiful. I spent a bit of time today at a Dallas Audobon park hiking on the Bluebonnet Trail, and so enjoyed it. This is a place that I have hiked many times in the past, and always love the diversity that you find here. Wanted to share a bit of the hike. This is a great place, and also has many guided hikes and birding adventures. It is a very special area as it is very hilly.... an escarpment really , which is found in an otherwise pretty flat area of Texas. Definitely a place to visit if you live anywhere in this area.

So off I went with my little hiking buddy, Zeke, and hoping to find some lovely flowers
lovely well kept and well marked trails with lots of wildflowers along the way.

This particular trail, one of many in this area, is especially know for its lovely bluebonnets, and todays walk did not disappoint. This is on a hillside that is overlooking the lake. Such beautiful views.
All sorts of tiny wildflowers though everywhere. Just love the diversity of spring and all of the new life

loved seeing all of the little bees out doing their spring work. Check out those full pollen sacks. Don't blame the bees for hanging out in the bluebonnets as the scent is just wonderful.

Zeke enjoyed his hike too, but after a mile and half, his legs, which aren't too long, were tired and he was ready to go home and take a long nap. Hope that all of you are really enjoying this beautiful spring weather!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 If you want to see some really cute chickens, check these out. I saw these at the recent Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival, and these adorable chickens were my favorite out of everything I saw.  As you can see in the first photo, these are really pretty large, and are meant for footstools. I had several people wonder if I got one..... Well I would absolutely love one of these, but they are pretty pricey.  each  one is handcrafted by a hand carved egg shaped piece of wood which makes the base for the body of the bird. The "bird feathers " are felted on most of them, and on occassion, knitted. Their feet are brass.  Each one is unique, and some are made to order to match someones favorite chicken.  I loved the website which was CITY GIRL FARM.  Be sure to check this site out as it is so cute. These handmade , original chickens each have a name and can be adopted, or made to order. There are many stories on the website about why people wanted a particular style of chicken. Really cute and would be so much fun to have one of these.