Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 Last night I was in my little office looking for a card to send to a friend.  I have a huge card collection, plus I enjoy making cards.  I often buy cards when I travel, glue them in to my journal, and write about my day in the card.... Anyway, while I was digging around in the drawer, I saw a  card that I had purchase in Tennessee in Gatlinburg.  I just love the artist, paul murray, and think he really captures such beautiful sketches of children and the elderly. This was a card that I just loved and had meant to frame.  I love the innocent expression on the face of this little MISS CUMBERLAND.   It also brought me a certain sadness to see this sweet and innocent face, and made me think of how so many of us have great psychological wounds , often starting in childhood. Many times, these wounds dominate our lives and make it hard for us to recover or function at our peak.   Recently I wrote an article about Self care, and when i saw the innocence of this childs eyes, it made me think how very important it is to treat ourselves with the tenderness, forgiveness , and acceptance that we would offer readily to this child.  We need to honor our own child, for many of us are innocently damaged from past experiences.  Look in the mirror  and allow your self to see your own.... INNER CHILD.... then treat yourself as you would this child in her innocence.  Often so hard to do, but visualizing your own "child" in her innocence, makes it, I think, an easier thing to be kind to ourselves. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 TODAY is a day to celebrate our wonderful Earth and wanted to share a coupe of shots that I took last year up in the Montanna mountains.  Several years ago, there was a large fire near and in Glacier National park which  damaged many thousands of acres of the pristine forest.  When we were there , I was really deeply touched by the both ugliness, and the stark beauty of this damaged land.   However, one of the things that really impressed me was how this earth, in spite of us, can heal itself and each scar leaves its own beauty.  The burned areas made the stunning beauty of the mountains and  the gorgeous blues of the glaciated lakes even more visible, and also made way for thousands of beautiful flowers to bloom and add the colors that were often not there in the deepness of the shade.  So  today, I am offering these photos as proof of the Earths great beauty and resiliancy.... Like that of the human sprirt.   Be sure that you celebrate the Earth this day.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


 So as most of you are aware, I had a recent hospitalization and am now at home working on recovery. This is a litttle post on some of my many thoughts regarding this episode.
Many years ago, when I was getting my masters degree in nursing, one of the theorists that we studied was  Dorothea Orem.   Her  precept s and practice was focused on how each of us, and our patients needed to learn about SELF CARE.  Thus, Dorothea's SELF CARE THEORIES.  This was really something that was of alot of interest  to me, and nearly was the trigger of my working on my doctorate in wellness promotion. At the time, I really knew nothing about SELF CARE, but have learned so much over the years, and am still learning.  My first problem in SELF CARE, was that I really had no idea what that meant.  As is true of many women, our goals are for others.... fixing everyone else.....  so to me, the first item on agenda is to figure out what  we need ourselves.  If we provide that , we will have a million percent more  to offer, and we will be getting all that we need.
     One of my most passionate goals throughout my career as a Nurse Practitioner has been to help women learn about SELF CARE, as this empowers us so much, helps us realize our value to ourselves and others, and also to realize that we deserve good treatment ( and we are the main ones responsible for making sure that we get what we need). It really is not anyone elses responsibility to fix us, and it is not even possible.

     So, today, I am at home trying to practice this on myself, and just wanted to share the extra effort that I took this morning, and it made me feel so good, and valued.   I got up after a slightly rough night of sleeplessness and coughing and thought, what can I do to support myself.   Looking outside, I see spring, and my favorite early morning time of quiet..... Now I really felt more like going back to bed with my coffee, but decided to take just a tiny bit of effort.  Took out my favorite little tablecloth  to my deck table. Put my blooming daisy up on the top, brought out my bible study and journal. Then made myself a vegetable, fruit ,yogurt smoothie, and so enjoyed my coffee and drink outside while reflecting.
      These little things, even though they take effort, somethimes when you really don't have the energy, really contribute to  MENTAL , PHYSICAL, AND SPIRITUAL WELLNESS, and are ways that you can affirm to yourself that you are worth the effort  and deserve the best you can provide for yourself.
      I have truly been reminded by this illness of many things that I already know and try to practice, but just want to share with all of you...... TREAT  YOURSELF WELL! You deserve it, and will make you a much more balanced and healthy person. 

Hope that all of you are going to have a lovely and reflective Easter!  What blessings there are in our lives because of this day.  Hugs to all of you!  I am linking up today with Barb at her brand new Meme, App Happy Wednesday and this is going to be so much fun.   The app on my iphone that I used on the first two shots is one that I know lots of you are loving. Water Logue.  On the first shot, I also sent the photo in to another app that i think if alot of fun and that is  GRUNGE ME.    What a great lot of fun it is to use this.   So Barb! Thank you so much for hosting this fun new meme, and will look forward to all of your  renditions on apps.  Just don't hope that I have get too many more on my phone as the memory is nearly full!

Keeping With The Times

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Joining today with Saturdays critters, and a little update.
 I FINALLY GOT TO COME HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL!!!  after my little 7 day stint there.  Was thinking how lucky i am in that in my whole life, that is more days than I have been a patient cumulatively.  How fortunate I have been.  anyway, right now, I am totally lapping up the abundance of home, windows to look out on, colors, flowerrs, and the pleasure of being home  in my own bed.  I am also so grateful for all of the new lessons I have learned or been reminded of for the patients that I see in my practice, and will give me even better planning skills and compassion and empathy for their situations.   Am so so so grateful for all of the innumerable blessings of my life, and love all of you for your concern and support.   All of the messages made my hospital stay so much easier.   Hope that all of you have a blessed and meaningful Easter weekend.
 Saturday's Critters

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gifts of love!

Great movie to watch during long hospital night compliments of my daughter! Thank you heather!