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Monday, April 4, 2016


Had lots of fun yesterday evening. My husband and I decided to take our granddaughter out for some ice cream, and on the way went out looking for some bluebonnets as we have planned to take her out for some photos. Well as you can see, we did see some bluebonnets in a field along side of the highway.  Couldn't resist and pulled off the road and carried her out to the middle of the field, taking lots of care not to step on any of them.  Well she really thought they were pretty, and we had fun taking a few shots of this little lady out in the flowers. Doesn't she look so cute! Really looking forward to the photography class and hoping these flowers will hang on a few more days for us!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I always love new beginnings, and today is the beginning of April! A brand new month with 30 whole days to  explore and find adventure in.....

One of the things that I am really looking forward to in April is a spring wildflower photography class that I am going to go to with Deanna, from Snippets from Springdale. So looking forward to this, and hoping that we will be seeing lots of bluebonnets in the Texas Hill country. The class is sponsored by the Dallas Arboretum, and I really think it is going to be a fun class. We are also going to spend a few extra days in Fredericksburg, which is a great place to go in the spring

Loving the delicate colors and softness of the trees in bloom! 

Also enjoying seeing all of the butterflies that are beginning to show their beautiful new colors. Nothing more beautiful than the butterflies

Also, after the photography class, I am looking forward to seeing this place once again. My husband and I decided to do a Viking Tour, and the tour will be starting in one of my  favorite European cities, Paris.  Although I have been here before, am definitely looking forward to our three days here, before starting down the river and going through Germany and in to Switzerland.  Have booked dinner in the Eiffel tower and can't wait to see this wonderful structure once again, and then go down the Seine in the evening looking at the City of Lights. Also very much looking forward to the sights we will see in Germany, as we have never been here before.  I really think that April is going to be a very special month and can't wait to get started!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Another gorgeous day in Texas and couldn't help going out again to explore... who cares about housecleaning on a day like this!!
Headed off to the Japanese Gardens, and what a beautiful day it was. Lots of flowers and trees in bloom. Loved this bearded iris

The bees were also having a very busy day.

Gorgeous flowers out on the trees.

It is so interesting to see how each tree getting new leaves  looks so different. Such diversity in nature!

Saw a wood duck in one of the ponds, but he was pretty shy

and flew away as soon as he realized that I was photographing him

Noticed this little fellow peeking out at me from the pine tree.

Even though the flowers and trees in the Japanese gardens were beautiful, nothing was as lovely as the smile I got at the end of the day from my sweet little granddaughter. Such a cutie!

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Lovely day today after a week of rain rain rain. Was nice to see the sun out a bit and decided to go over to the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies. Every other year they have butterflies in their tropical garden and it is fun to go see some of their many varieties of butterflies.

Before you go in to the garden, their is a  large wall with world maps, and the types of butterflies are posted on the maps, so when you see them, you will know what kind they are and also what part of the world they are from. This butterfly above is one that is from Africa.
It is so moist in this tropical 'forest" that they actually provide hair dryers to help keep your lens from fogging up. Was not only fun watching the butterflies, but also enjoyed watching all of the photographers there with some pretty amazing lens and lighting systems.
I chased this butterfly all around before I was able to finally get a shot.  They spend most of the time it seems fluttering from place to place.

These are some of the prettiest butterflies I saw, and the outside of their wings look like lots of brown eyes looking out at you. Hard to catch them with their wings open

This little guy was enjoying himself in a little ray of sunlight, pretending to be a butterfly.

Lots of spring flowers also out and many more to come after all of the rain that we have had this week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Wanted to share a few shots from a near perfect spring day yesterday at the Dallas Arboretum.  It was in the 70's here ( sorry about that for those of you who are still snowbound), and I decided to have a fun day out with my camera before going back to work in a couple of days.  Am a member at the Arboretum and in looking at the most recent brochure, I see that this spring they are  hosting Gary Lee Price's bronze sculpting in his Great Contributor series.  The sculpting included people such as Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, George Washington and many more. Though it would be great to go and see these.
Well I have to say that I was immediately caught up in... not the sculpting, but huge array of gorgeous spring flowers, and all of the activities that were going on in the park.

Always love seeing all of the young women celebrating their Quinceanera. A great place to celebrate this  and to have photographs taken.
Also everywhere I went there were musicians playing and lots of folks out celebrating the Spring.

Loved Loved Loved the tulips and there were so many different colors and different types.

First time for awhile that I was really out on the loose with my camera, and ended up with 400 shots to happily peruse. Loved all of the color and also getting the spring and summer schedule so I can plan lots more visits to one of my favorite spots.  If you are still in the middle of snow.... take heart, spring is coming really soon!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


 I am feeling, really like life is "looking up", getting ready to return to work, and mostly, just feeling better, being able to get out more! Did a little hike with my husband yesterday which was awesome, and being able to walk with out so much pain. Looking forward to t he spring soon and also some great trips planned for spring and early summer!  LIFE IS GOOD!
 Yesterday a blog friend was talking about wishing she could really show how big some trees were while she was traveling, and feeling as if she was not able to really show it.  I experienced the same feeling a while back while traveling with a friend in Washington state.  Oh how stately the trees were there.  Even my widest angle lens could not capture it.... so, what I did, was to stand right at the tree trunk, and just point up. Gave me the sense of how large these trees are and their beauty.  Do any of you have other ideas on how to "capture this"?? Would love to hear.... Wishing all of you a marvelous upcoming weekend......

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Had to go out yesterday and buy myself some sunflowers. Love the brightness of these and they reminded me that I am approaching a 'happy place" and nearly ready to go back to work after a 6 month period of trying to recover from two big surgeries. Feeling excited to get back to a more normal life and having my work schedule back.  Think i have gotten a little bit "lazy not working".
Not only am I excited about getting back to work, but also excited about some upcoming trips. Anyone who is at all  familiar with me knows that one of my favorite things to do is to travel, and definitely have been feeling I have gotten "behind" on my trips.  Currently planning some fun stuff for the summer.
NAVAHO SPIRIT TOURS      One of the things that my daughter and i have been planning is a road trip with my grandson.  We originally planned to go to the grand canyon and had everything planned out, but now we have changed direction and are planning to go to Bryce Canyon.  I have never been there before and am pretty enthused about going!  We are also going to go to Monument Valley, which I have been to before and thought was a beautiful  place.  I found a tour that I thought would be so much fun and if you are interested, can click on Navaho Spirit Tours to check it out.  Think it will be an amazing trip and so much fun for my grandson to see these new places! Can't wait!