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Sunday, October 16, 2016


 On a recent trip to visit dear friends in Massachusetts, i had some time to sit down at Assawomset Pond and watch the interesting birds. One of my favorite viewings was of this lovely mother swan and her cygnet.  I was pretty surprised at the size of this cygnet... really almost bigger than mom, however, it was fun to watch mom teaching her baby  what and where to eat. Loved how clear the water was so that I could see exactly what was going on, and the swans were very tolerant of my presence. Sharing with I'D RATHER BE BIRDIN

Friday, October 14, 2016


 Wanted to share a  few shots of the sweetest giraffes ever that we saw at the Dallas Zoo. They had a large platform high above the giraffe yard, and for a "small fee" you could purchase lettuce leaves which the giraffes seemed to love.  I was really amazed at the LONG tongues that they had, and according to the information, their tongues are over 18 inches long, and they were also very purple in color. Guess that long neck and long tongue comes in handy when you are trying to reach up into tall trees. My granddaughter just love her experience with these gentle giants, and she not only got to feed them, but also to pet them on the nose. Such soft fur and whiskers. Thought this was a very fun opportunity at the zoo, and sharing today with SATURDAYS CRITTERS

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Today, wanted to share a slightly different sort of critters for Eileens SATURDAYS CRITTERS. These shots were taken at an amazing gardens that my husband and I visited. This is at LaDew Gardens which is a short distance outside of Baltimore.  It was totally designed by a man who loved fox hunting, and also gardens.  The gardens consisted of many topiary rooms which were filled with all sorts of "critters" which were beautifully kept . There were also many ponds which were filled with both water plants, and also many many very personable frogs. Hope you will enjoy my weeks critters, and also , if you are ever in the Baltimore area, be SURE to visit this amazing place.

                                                  T H E             E N D

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Just wanted to share something that I saw while i was in illinois for my 50 year class reunion that I thought would be a really fun thing for a Christmas gift.  I have a friend who is an artist, and she has started selling some of her art made into lovely cashmere scarves, t shirts and shawls.  I saw several of her pieces while I was in Illinois and had to share it with you.  The company is VIDA   ( click this link)  and you can check out the various artists.  Each scarf 's art is created by the artists themselves. My friend chooses the part of a painting that she thinks would look lovely in a scarf or other available piece. This is sent to the company, who then has the fabric created in different countries. This is a project that helps villages make money for education and other projects that benefit the village. The fabrics are really elegant in the pieces  that I saw, and the prices are very reasonable. Just wanted to show you this as I really think these items would make great gifts. These are just a few  examples. You can just browse their website, and also you can shop special artists . My friend, Rae has some lovely art in this , and if you would like to look at her specific link, it isRAE. 
ANN, and this will take you directly to her web page at VIDA. Definitely something fun to check out with the holidays coming up so soon, and wanted to share with you.  Truly a great variety of lovely items to shop from!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


It was an absolutely gorgeous day today in Texas and Genna and I decided to go out to have a fun day over at the arboretum.We headed over to the Tuesday Tots first, and think this is so fun for the kids. It is always crowded when they have this event. The ladies who  run this are great artists and have a charming choice of face painting options. I have to say that for Genna, who is not yet quite 2 years old, it her choice had better be a very simple one, as she is not one to sit still for long. Well as you can see, she made her choice
 And the next thing you know, she was sitting up on the stool all by herself to get her face painted. Needless to say, she was as sweet as pie up until they started painting, and that was nearly  the end of her patience. This lady  was  just great though, and finally in a short time managed to get a very little painting on her face, complete with sparkly pink powder.
 As you can see, below, Genna had fun at the mirror that they had, and thought she looked cute.  Grandma thought she looked pretty cute too.  I am not prejudiced, at all, well maybe a little bit
She also loved all of the pumpkins, and had a lot of fun checking all of them out. In fact, we even ended up bringing one of them home.  So enjoying these fall days.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Had to share a few more of my Chicago Shots from yesterday.  I always love visiting this beautiful city, and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live here after high school and I always love coming back.  I didn't have too long here this visit, but still totally enjoyed my two days here before going back home again, and yesterday went on the Historical Architectural Boat tour, leaving from Ogden Slip on McClurg Court.  It was my first time on this particular tour, and thought it was great, with an excellent docent. In my own, rather biased mind, I think that this city, especially along the river, and down Michigan Avenue, is the most amazing city anywhere.  I especially loved hearing all about the architects of these incredibly beautiful buildings, Especially Mies Van Der Rohe, who designed several of these buildings. Such an amazing  architect her was, and the beauty in Chicago is so reflective of his work. The river is a rather green color, and so much of the glass was chosen to be reflective of the river color. Something that I never realized before, but could certainly see when I looked at it in a knowledgeable light. one of the things that I so love about the river is seeing all of the reflections of other buildings in the glass  of so many architectural wonders.  I also love seeing, in so many places, the old, against the new, especially in the area of the water tower. The river walk, which really was not here where I lived here is such an enjoyable part of the city, and it is so fun, as you cruise seeing the lovely residential areas after you pass the downtown area.  Can totally imagine living here, however, with a Texan husband, I doubt that this will be in my future. Can enjoy it serendipitously as I am cruising though! Anyway, I did enjoy this, and would highly recumbent seeing the city from this perspective if you are ever in Chicago.  I had a wonderful day before my flight home last evening after a 12 day  visit to my home state, and wanted to share a bit more of this with you.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Had to share a few photos of my great day in Chicago today. After having a great weekend at my 50 year high school reunion, I headed off to Chicago, a city that I love, and settled in at my hotel for an overnight until my flight home tomorrow.  The first place I headed was off to the river walk to spend a little  time catching up in my journal and watch the river going by. Also love people watching, and today, also had a lot of fun doing a little bird watching  from a restaurant on the river. Saw some really cute little fluffy friends and had to share.

 Thought the vibrant colors on this bird were amazing. I assumed that this is a crow, but have never really seen one with colors like this. Spent time luring him closer with my hamburger bun, and while I was doing that, also saw several other cute feathered friends who were very interested in visiting with me. Just has to share a few shots of them and had a great time eating , writing , and watching all that was going on. Couldn't have had better weather either. Looking forward to returning home, but did enjoy this day, and also looking forward to an architectural tour in the morning before flying home.