Saturday, July 26, 2014


 I Have really been trying to focus on paying attention to this SUMMERTIME  as I have felt it was just speeding past without my noticing it.  While I was at my cabin last week, just spent some time sitting around listening and watching.  Saw the loveliest butterflies and really enjoyed watching them fluttering about their business. They are so delicate and have such beautiful patterns.  So sharing a couple of shots today with you for  SATURDAYS CRITTERS
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 Wanted to take a couple of minutes to do a little bit of Great Grandma Bragging and introduce you to my two little great grandaughters, Paytin who will be two years old in a few short weeks, and her brand new little sister, Ariel, who is just two weeks old.   I had a fun day yesterday going to visit their mom, who is my only grandaughter. She was celebrating her 24th birthday, and we had a chance to have a fun day together.  We did some fun things together... went shopping for a couple of new post baby outfits....  My grandaughter was a little disappointed that she had gone up to a size 3 from a 0.... and this is a 2 week post baby mom.... Not too much I have to say about that, .... but the shopping was fun. Ten we went out to lunch , where Paytin was a big help in watching out for her little sister.  Then we were off to the hair dresser where Monica had a haircut... it was her first haircut in 4 years, so there was really alot of hair on  the floor after we were done, and she looked so pretty.  Then off to the park  by the river, so we could take a few photos of Miss Ariel out under  the shade of the old oak tree.
Trying to make a heart around these tiny, tiny feet.  Ariel was not too cooperative on this

A sweet little cherub napping in the shade.

Very short time in this little outfit as it was a very hot day in Texas, 100 degrees, so i twas only a couple of minutes before Ariel began getting hot, and I had to be a very fast great grandma.
A fun day was had by all, and looking forward to seeing much more of these two sweet little girls as they grow up, which we all know happens so fast.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This past  weekend, I truly made an effort to spend a little bit of time experiencing the ambiance of summer.Was up at my cabin, and spent some time sitting outside just observing.  I was sitting by my neighbors flower bed, and it seemed as if there were butterflies fluttering by everywhere.    I had spent a little bit of time reflecting on some of the things that "Feel Like Summer" to me, and one of those things is to just sit in a lovely place and listen. Amazing what all you hear... bees buzzing, birds tweeting, distant lawnmowers etc, and also seeing beauty around you that you often don't notice when you are hurrying on your way.  Also love seeing the big fluffy clouds floating by.  I used an old texture of Kim's on this butterfly to try to capture a bit of the mysticism of summer, and the beauty of this gorgeous painted lady!“Texture

Monday, July 21, 2014


 Just the other day, I did a blog post and was sort of bemoaning the fact that summer seemed to be passing me by way to fast, so this past weekend, spent a few days at my cabin, and really made an effort to FEEL SUMMER.  Spent some time out on the porch at night listening to the loud song of the cicadas, bull frogs, and tree frogs.   That is a sound that I really love and feels totally summer to me.   I sat thinking a bit about some of things that really feel summery to me, and am determined to spend a little time every day appreciating this season.
     On the way home last evening, we passed by the same SUNFLOWER FIELD that I photographed a couple of weeks ago.   I was reading, and my husband, who was driving, turned around to show me the changes in this amazing sunflower field.   So such a different look this has than just such a short time ago.   Most of t he flowers are now "bowing to time" and look very close to being ready to harvest.  Such a difference such a short time makes.  I could not imagine how these are harvested, so googled it, and see that most likely this field will be harvested with a combine having a special ROW HEAD.   I am not a farmer, so had no idea.  The signs  that these are ready t o harvest include the large flowers bowing down with their faces looking at the ground, and the back of the flower turning yellowish brown.   This is the first year that I have really noticed these gorgeous flowers as a crop, and really  think it has been fun to see.   Hope that all of you also had a great weekend, and enjoyed some of  the ambiance of the summer which is going by so fast!

Friday, July 18, 2014


 I have been a little remiss on my blogposts lately, but wanted to stop by and say hello.  I don't know about the rest of you, but somehow, I feel as if summer is passing me by.  At my house, it seems as if we have been busy working, and the time off is spent recovering from working.   Usually I so enjoy the time out in the summer, and all of the color and beauty, but this summer has been a bit hectic.  I am hoping this weekend, to slow down a bit and enjoy a little of the summer ambiance.   Also hoping to get back a bit in to my blogging routine after the summer is over.  I do try to stop by and visit with all of you, but am a little behind on this also.  Big hugs to all of you, and hoping your summer is awesome and full of color and family!

Saturday, July 12, 2014





Friday, July 11, 2014


This is my first time to join with WEEKEND REFLECTIONS,

Was excited to see this meme, which is a new one for me, as I love photographing reflections.  On a recent birding event at the Texas coast, I had so much fun photographing the Whooping cranes, and love the chances to see these amazing birds and their reflections in the water, so though I would share a shot  with you.
 Had a great time on this birding adventure, leaving on a small 6 photographer flat bottomed boat before dawn.  Our boat pilot knew all of the great places to head to to see all sorts of birds, but have to say that I enjoyed these cranes the most.  We got very close up to the birds, and  they did not seem to be bothered a bit, and went right on with their business of seeking out the blue crabs for a tasty treat.  It was my understanding that these crabs are an essential part of the whooping crane diets.  This was  my first trip to the Rockport area,and this trip in March was my first birding tour. Definitely plan to go back to this area again in December, which I think is one of the peak times to see the birds with their babies.  Looking forward to seeing other reflections today!  Best to all of you from Texas!