Thursday, October 23, 2014


Had to share a couple of shots from my recent Illinois trip home.  It was a great trip and so wonderful visiting with my family there, but all too soon, it was time to go home.  My flight left from Chicago, and I had the opportunity to take a train to Chicago and spend the day before my flight left.  Now trains seem to really be "in my blood", as my father and grandfather both worked for the railroad... both of them for over 50 years each.  I took many many train trips as a little girl, so it was alot of fun for me waiting for my train to come in the early morning hours.  I love listening to the train whistle as it is coming through the countryside. Takes me way back to my childhood.
Waited to get the closest shot possible before I "chickened out" and backed up away from the oncoming train.
Love watching the little train station from my childhood leaving in the distance. brought back many memories.  Went straight to the dining car for some hot coffee as it was pretty early in the morning, and I needed my "JOE" while I watched all of the farmland passing by as I headed toward Chicago a day of browsing, and then my flight home.
Isn't it fun when you do something that brings you back to so many memories of the past, and feelings of NOSTALGIA?

Monday, October 20, 2014


 Just came home from a rather unexpected trip to Illinois, my birthplace.  It was one of those trips that came up unexpectedly. Something really not planned and that at the last minute, everything just sort of fell together in a rather miraculous way, allowing me to go see an area that I just love and visit with my family.   I was lucky enough to go at just a perfect time to see the time of harvest , which I  think is really a special time of year.  I just loved riding along the country side and seeing all of the combines and other farm equipment out reaping the rewards of alot of very hard work.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing these family farms and the beauty of the fields. Will share more of my shots of a wonderful week soon, many of which are filled with the stunning colors of fall.  hope that all of you are having a wonderful Fall. It is really hard to believe  that so soon the holidays will be here!! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 Just stopping  by to say hello!  i had a really wonderful weekend at my cabin this past weekend.  There was just a hint of Fall in the air, and it can't come too soon for me!  I bought a new sewing machine recently when I began to realize that I now will have 3 little girls in my life. My two little great grandaughters,  and then, how exciting, I am going to be a Grandma again. My oldest daughter is expecting her second child about November 7th, so it will not  be long.  I had fun with my sewing machine starting a little butterfly quilt for this little girl to come, Genevieve Grace. Very excited about this.  Also enjoyed looking for a little Fall color, and loved these mushrooms out side of our cabin. They seemed to pop up almost over night.  Above is my nosey Maggie. She found the cupboard door open, and just felt that there was something in side of this space for her. She always gives me a laugh.

Hoping that all of you also had a great weekend, and are enjoying the start of the new season!

Thursday, September 25, 2014



Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 I know I have been a little bit slow here, but wanted to share a few shots from our recent trip to New England with our grandson and dear friends of many years.  I really wanted Sam to see some of the country's history while we were there, so one of the places that we visited was Plimoth, and the site of the Mayflower Replica there. This replica was built in England and sailed to the US in the 1950's.  Such an interesting look back at history.  About 130 pilgrims sailed on this boat  and arrived off  the coast of Cape Cod, way so many years ago.  How interesting to see these quarters and imagine what it  must have been like to travel across the sea like this.
This stick that my grandson is holding on to is the method by which the ship was steered, it was attached to a huge beam on the deck below which controlled the rudder

This was the ships primary navigational tool.  What can I say, ..... way different from todays sattelite navigation

Some of the people were very lucky and had their own "bedroom"

This was the cooking fireplace which was mid deck on a wooden ship, and the fire was kept burning at all times. The families took turns cooking their own meals in this fireplace.
Those not as fortunate to get their own 'bedrooms" slept out in the open mid deck. Can you imagine having a baby on one of these?  This did happen on the Mayflower

One of the things that I found fascinating here was that there were people who were "in character" just as if they were actual pilgrims, answering many and varied questions asked by the tourists here. Such fascinating stories about their fears and travels and start in the new land.
    This is a really interesting area to visit if you are ever here! We really enjoyed it, and it got me intrigued enough to read the book, MAYFLOWER, which gave me many new insights in to this time in the founding of our country

Monday, September 22, 2014


Stopping by to say hello ! It just seems like this past few months have gone by so fast with so little time for my blog!  Every day, I think I am going to have a chance to sit down and say hello and spend some time with my online friends, and one thing after another happens to my time for this.  Miss seeing all of you on a daily basis.  This past week has been so full! My oldest daughter had her little grandaughter and my great grandaughter for the week, and we did have fun! Took her over to the Dallas arboretum to the pumpkin patch. She did love those pumpkins, and we got her one of her own too. Can't believe how fast she is growing, and she just had her second birthday.
     Then had fun going this past weekend to my other daughters house and we celebrated my grandsons birthday. Number 12.  So hard to believe he is growing so fast, and he is such a total delight!
     Just a little over a month from now, my oldest daughter is expecting her baby.  Her second little girl, and have been really busy helping her move and get the nursery all ready for this precious little one.  This is her second child, and her two girls are going to be 24 years apart. WOW! This is going to be a really big life change for her!

      Hope that all of you are doing well, and going to stop in and say hello!  Happy FALL!

Friday, September 5, 2014


STOPPING BY to say HI!  I had the wonderful chance to spend a couple of days up at my mountain cabin last weekend, and really enjoyed the quiet time after a busy week of helping my oldest daughter move to a new home. This is my second daughter to move this summer. WOW!  REally glad that I don't have any more kids who are moving in the near future.  I was shocked when I was at my cabin to see the beginnings of early signs of a change in season.  hard to believe that it could possible be almost fall so soon, but.... as you can see, it  is definitely starting.  Many reds in the sumac, and also purples in the American Beauty Berries, and lots of other tiny purple flowers.  Hope that all of you had an awesome Labor Day, along with safe travels.

Have started a new Journaling Course that I am really excited about.  As a long time journaler, I am ready to find some new techniques and have fun in a large international group of journalers.  If any of you have an interest in journaling, you might check this group out.  It is done by Susannah Conway, who recently did her, third August Break which I participated in at least part of the month.   Anyway, her JOURANAL MY LIFE  group has started for the fall group, but will be restarting again in December.   Check it out.  I am in the first  week and am already loving it.

Journal Your Life