Friday, January 30, 2015


 Joining this morning with Friday finds at Kim's place, and wanted to start out with a lesson that I saw first hand just last night . Not very far from my house last night, there was a huge fire which destroyed  the home of another person right in my neighborhood.  It was such a reminder to me of so many things.... How our lives can change in just a moment when we don't expect it. How the comforts of our homes can be so fleeting.... How these men who fight fires are so courageous, and how grateful we are for men like this..... How material things , although we enjoy them, are not really  as important as the lives of the people and animals that we love.  Although this is not some pretty shot, it is a lesson that is so important to remember every day, and to appreciate all that we have in our lives.  Thankfully, although this person lost all that he has, he and his dog were out for a walk when this happened, and were not injured.
This event also reminded me of how very important it is to reach out a hand to those in need
This is  one more shot of my dear new little   grand daughter Genevieve Grace, who was named after my mother.  Although my daughter keeps insisting that you can't tell the eye color of a child at three months, I think that , at least in my mind, one of my Friday finds is that she does have BLUE EYES. What do you think.
I "found" a bit of early morning creative time this week, and love these early morning, candle lit moments when I have a little time to be creative. Such fun!

I also was out and about this week a little bit with a lens that I bought a year ago, and have not really used very much. This is a Nikon 85 mm lens, and I have been out with it this week looking for t hat lovely shallow depth of field by using the 1.4 f stop which is available with this lens.  Just two weeks ago, I started a new PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS at the local University, and am enjoying this class so far. It has been a long time since I have been in a university  class and have been thinking about doing this for quite awhile, so this year, was motivated by one of my daughters to "get back in the swing of things", and take a class.  I love this shallow depth of field that you get with this low f stop, and have been reminded this week to try this out again, and also to get out that lens and really begin to  see what I can do with it.   So joining in today at FRIDAY FINDS

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


2 Bags Full
Good Morning!  My name is Jeanne , and I am so excited about Vicki's wonderful GROW YOUR BLOG PARTY!  I  think she is just amazing for all of the work that she puts in to this wonderful annual event! This is my second year to participate, and it is so fun meeting so many creative people in this space.   I have had my blog, BUTTERFLY TALES, for 4 years now.... hard to believe it has been that long.  When I first started my blog, I never could have imagined the journey it would take me on, and have so enjoyed meeting so many awesome people online in this wonderful blogging community.
I am a mom, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a wife , and a nurse practitioner. I am also an avid photographer.  I live in Texas and originally wanted to have a space to share photography and some shared ideas on aging gracefully.  I have  worked for many years with women, and one of my passions is to find ways to empower women in their own lives.  I love journaling also, and have shared many posts on some of the pleasures and benefits of this wonderful tool for self growth. As my  blog evolved, I have also had so much fun sharing some of my other passions.  I would have t o say that my biggest passion is my FAMILY . I am so blessed to have two grown daughters, three wonderful grandchildren ( one of them is brand new), and also 2 precious great grandchildren. My husband and I are so  blessed ( I have to use t hat word one more time) to have all of these wonderful people in our lives.  You will definitely see some of my daily joy in my family and some of our shared times together.  I also love TRAVEL, and if I am not on a trip, I am definitely planning a trip, or sometimes two.  Love to do travel photography and have so much fun sharing them here in my blog home. Of course, if you have not already figured  this out, I also love my PHOTOGRAPHY, and love all sorts of types of photos.  It is so fun photographing the children in my life. I also love NATURE  and have recently included birding in my repertoire.  I love macro work, architecture, landscapes, and of course travel shots.  Well really, I am not sure that there is anything "photography" that I don't enjoy.  I have had so much fun taking a number of online courses for photography, and love sharing my work and seeing the creativity of others in their work too. I am also a woman who LOVES THE LORD, and He is so  the center of my life. I am grateful every day for all of the blessings in my life, and could not have become the person that I am without God in my life. So am looking forward to meeting all of you in this years event with VICKI at  TWO BAGS FULL, and hope to get to know lots of you. SO LET THE PARTY BEGIN! Looking forward to all of the fun in this event. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PARTY

Friday, January 23, 2015


 It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since I have taken the time to sit down and do a blog post. Honestly missing all of you, but it just seems as if my life has been crazy. Christmas was so so busy, with our family Christmas up at our mountain cabin, and then the real Christmas at home. To complicate matters, my youngest daughter broke her ankle on Christmas Eve and that has involved quite a lot of "mommy time" to help her out. On  top of that, my oldest daughter, after having her baby , has returned to work, and that is involving quite a bit of "grandma time". To make a long story short, life has been keeping me very busy, and seems as if I have not had any time for sitting down.  We did have a great weekend though when taking our grandson, Sam, to Rockport. This was a Christmas gift to him, to have a chance to go down to the Texas coast to see some of the seabirds. I went last year on a birding boat and loved seeing all of t he birds and the whooping cranes especially. I thought that Sam would enjoy this as he is a real nature fan.  The first morning I was so excited when I woke predawn and went out on our little balcony overlooking the bay.  The sun was just getting ready to come up, and there was a shrimping boat right out of my window.  Later in t he day, we went to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge and had to check out the BIG TREE, which is a thousand year old tree with quite a tangle of branches.  Sam enjoyed sitting up on one of the branches of one of the "sister trees" to the big tree. Also had the chance to see a few whooping cranes which are such amazing birds.
Love seeing all of the amazing pelicans all along the shoreline. They are so gorgeous, and really plentiful.

On our second day there, we went out on the SKIMMER, which is a birding boat. One of the things that we got a chance to see was one of the shrimp boats up close as they brought in their catch. This is not shrimp season, so right now they were busy harvesting oysters. What fun watching these guys at work, and what a hard life this would be.

Of course it was great seeing the wonderful whooping cranes out catching their breakfast.  The biologist on t he boat that we were on told us that today, there are less than 400 of these majestic birds.  One of the staples in their diet is the blue crab which is plentiful in the gulf waters.  The biologist told us that the whooping crane eats 70 or more of these crabs daily. So interesting watching them "fish" for these crabs.  anyway, we had a great weekend which ended with Sam getting the flu , which was not good. We ended our trip a day early because of this, but still had a great time. Sam is better now, and I am waiting with baited breath to see if I am going to avoid this or not. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Could not end this post without a shot of my new little grand daughter, Genevieve Grace. She is now 10 weeks old and is such a cutie. She loves smiling and is getting so excited when she sees her colorful toys.  This is the first time for quite awhile that I have been around a little baby, and I am enjoying taking care of her while her  mommy is working.  Anyway, hoping to get back here a little more regularly as I sure have missed all of my online friends.  Hope that everyones New Year is going great so far.  Hugs to all of you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gratitude for Contrasts in our Lives

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I always love spending time at my cabin, as it is such a wonderful place for reflecting, and it seems I always have a little time to meditate and learn new lessons. This long weekend after Thanksgiving was a great time.   I was actually working pretty hard while I was there, as we are going to have a large group in less than two weeks for a 'CABIN CHRISTMAS WEEKEND". So looking forward to that but had lots and lots of work to do in preparation for this event.  The weather was pretty chilly, and the barrenness of winter had definitely set in  there. Great fireplace weather. As I began decorating, I loved the addition of colors and beauty in a dismal day. The dreariness made me so much more aware of the Christmas colors.  The fog and cold made me more aware of all of the beauty of the inside, the warmth, the coziness.... things I might not have even noticed if it had been beautiful outside.  It made me reflect how very much life is like this.  When we go through a time of "darkness" in our lives, the times of beauty become so much more rich.  I think it  would be hard to really appreciate one season of life without having the other.... barrenness, or fullness, darkness or color .
So hope that all of you had a good weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday..., and before you know it, the Christmas holiday will be upon us. I am really appreciating this season as I am going to have my children, my grandchildren, and my two great grandchildren all together for our Cabin Celebration.  And to top it off, two of these little girls are brand new to the world, only a few months apart, so it will be the beginning of their time in getting to know each other.  How fun to be in the middle of this. Also have a great big surprise coming up for my dear grandson.... not giving him too many clues on this though. Surprises are something that I love about the Christmas holiday, although I am not always very good at  keeping those secrets!

So as t he season approaches, take some time out to appreciate the areas of beauty and comfort that you have in your life and reflect on all that is lovely in this season.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Giving thanks for this beautiful day of family and friends. Truly, my family is my greatest gratitude! For this month and for every month!  Wishing peace and joy for every one of you on this Thanksgiving day, 2014!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I am wanting to share with you something that I am very grateful for today! There are no fancy photos here, but wanted to say that I got a letter today from a very special little girl in my life. Her name is EMELIA ANOH, and she lives in Ghuana Africa. Six years ago, I decided to sponsor a child from Compassion international, and on reviewing photos of the many children that are up for sponsorship, in the many countries that Compassion has a presence in, I chose the face of a little girl who was 3 years old and had a very solemn look on her little face. Somehow, that little face reached out to my heart, and I knew that she was the child I was meant to sponsor.
     I have loved being her sponsor, and it is such a small cost for all that she gets from the small amount of money that I send.   It is incredible how much $38.00 a month buys in these poverty ridden countries.  At Christmas, and for her birthday each year, I have the chance to send an extra $25.00, and always receive a photo of Emelia with all of the t hings that this tiny amount of money buys.
Seeing children like this, and seeing the poverty that they live in humbles my heart, and makes me so grateful that I have had this tiny opportunity  to perhaps change the course of this one childs life.  If you have ever thought of this for yourself, or for your family, be sure to check out the web site and the blog site of this amazing organization.  This is the link to a blog post that I saw today while I was writing to Emelia that really touched my heart. Definitely worth your time to look at this. The link is COMPASSION

Be sure to take a couple of minutes to watch the rewarding video on this post. The hearts of these mothers called out to me, and will to you too.




I have been a little remiss in my daily gratitude posts, but wanted to update and say that I have had a fun weekend and had the chance to go over to Fort Worth yesterday with a friend for lunch. Am so grateful for this friend who I have known for 40 years. Have survived together through thick and thin. and there has been alot of both through the years.
     I am really grateful for this season which is rapidly approaching.  I have to say that I really do enjoy this season with all of it's events, colors, and good will in so many places that it is not always found.
     I do enjoy when the metroplex area that I live in opens its gates and lets in the Season!  yesterday was not a pretty day, but still able to find lots of Christmas in the Fort Worth Stockyard area, including watching the longhorn herd mosey down the street in the rain. This herd of longhorns live at the stockyards, and participate in lots of events. Was fun watching the cowboys "call out the herd" and then seeing them pass by on the street. Even the restaurant buffalo has dressed up for the season. Although the christmas season can be hard for those of us without family, there still are plenty of opportunities to give back some to the community, and if a person makes the effort to do this, it does add joy where there might be none. Blessings to all of you as this season rapidly approaches!