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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Had to share a few more of my Chicago Shots from yesterday.  I always love visiting this beautiful city, and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live here after high school and I always love coming back.  I didn't have too long here this visit, but still totally enjoyed my two days here before going back home again, and yesterday went on the Historical Architectural Boat tour, leaving from Ogden Slip on McClurg Court.  It was my first time on this particular tour, and thought it was great, with an excellent docent. In my own, rather biased mind, I think that this city, especially along the river, and down Michigan Avenue, is the most amazing city anywhere.  I especially loved hearing all about the architects of these incredibly beautiful buildings, Especially Mies Van Der Rohe, who designed several of these buildings. Such an amazing  architect her was, and the beauty in Chicago is so reflective of his work. The river is a rather green color, and so much of the glass was chosen to be reflective of the river color. Something that I never realized before, but could certainly see when I looked at it in a knowledgeable light. one of the things that I so love about the river is seeing all of the reflections of other buildings in the glass  of so many architectural wonders.  I also love seeing, in so many places, the old, against the new, especially in the area of the water tower. The river walk, which really was not here where I lived here is such an enjoyable part of the city, and it is so fun, as you cruise seeing the lovely residential areas after you pass the downtown area.  Can totally imagine living here, however, with a Texan husband, I doubt that this will be in my future. Can enjoy it serendipitously as I am cruising though! Anyway, I did enjoy this, and would highly recumbent seeing the city from this perspective if you are ever in Chicago.  I had a wonderful day before my flight home last evening after a 12 day  visit to my home state, and wanted to share a bit more of this with you.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Had to share a few photos of my great day in Chicago today. After having a great weekend at my 50 year high school reunion, I headed off to Chicago, a city that I love, and settled in at my hotel for an overnight until my flight home tomorrow.  The first place I headed was off to the river walk to spend a little  time catching up in my journal and watch the river going by. Also love people watching, and today, also had a lot of fun doing a little bird watching  from a restaurant on the river. Saw some really cute little fluffy friends and had to share.

 Thought the vibrant colors on this bird were amazing. I assumed that this is a crow, but have never really seen one with colors like this. Spent time luring him closer with my hamburger bun, and while I was doing that, also saw several other cute feathered friends who were very interested in visiting with me. Just has to share a few shots of them and had a great time eating , writing , and watching all that was going on. Couldn't have had better weather either. Looking forward to returning home, but did enjoy this day, and also looking forward to an architectural tour in the morning before flying home.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Coming to the Arboretum

 Have spent the past week in the state of my birth which is illinois and have definitely been enjoying it so much . Am loving the cooler weather, and have had more of an early taste of fall approaching. Enjoyed yesterday visiting my blog / photography friend Deanna of Snippets from Springdale, and a trip to Morton's Arboretum. The weather was just perfect, and loved all of the multiple trails of the Arboretum. Would be such an amazing place to explore throughout the year. We definitely saw though that Fall is coming, with many browns in varying shades  in the gardens. One lonely little frog was in the pond, and he kept peeking out at us, but was a very shy little fellow. As soon as he saw he was being watched, he dived right back under the water. A very camera shy little guy, but did manage to catch him a couple of times.

 Loved the changing colors of some of the leaves, and can only imagine what this park looks like when the peak of fall arrives. The ornamental cabbages were lovely  with the purple veins.

 The hibiscus were definitely heading out of season, but loved the browns with the green leaves. Also there were the most beautiful  fall  anemones. This was a flower that i had never seen before, and rally thought were beautiful, in their delicate lavender shades.  Sort of a prelude to true fall in this Arboretum, and looks as if there are many really great fall events coming soon , including a show of various glass pumpkins in October. Wish I was going to be here to see it, but guess I will have to enjoy Deanna's review of this . She is so lucky to be so close to this amazing place. Tomorrow I leave here and head to my birth town, Aurora, Illinois and get to go to the first high school reunion that i have ever been to since leaving Illinois many years ago. Am so looking forward to this 50th class reunion. So hard to believe so many years have gone by since graduation.  Looking forward to this event though. Hope all of you are enjoying the very first official day of FALL.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Just had to take a few minutes to wish my favorite grandson a wonderful birthday!  He is a young man that I love so much and have had so much fun with! Am so proud of him, and think he is so courageous. This was just a little example of his courage. When we were in Hawaii, I treated my whole family to a day of hang gliding in Hana, Maui, and when we got there, in spite of the fact that he had never done this before, he let all of us know that he wanted to go first! He was all smiles as he got ready to go, and totally enthusiastic when he came back. Love that Sam is always ready to try out something new ( well maybe not roller coasters)
     I am also so proud of how he is such a serious student and has continued to do excellent in school. This is at the same time that he works so hard and puts his all into baseball, which he loves and does so well as a great PITCHER for his team. Have had so many fun memories of many travels with him, and he is a boy of my own heart loving to see new places. Anyway, had to take this opportunity Sam, to tell you how proud I am of you, and how much I love you. Keep on becoming a young man that all of us are so proud of!  Hope you have the best year ever!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


So here I am, after a very long break, joining once again with Eileen at her fun meme,SATURDAYS CRITTERS !  I always loved visiting this Saturday meme, and it seems like every week I see this on Sunday, and wish I had joined in. Will look forward to looking at all of your critters too this week.
     I shot this cute little donkey in the spring while I was on a fun photography weekend with a dear blog/ photography friend down in the Texas hill country. Thought it was so cute seeing this little bird riding along on this cute fellows "hiney", probably picking off ticks or fleas, or flies, or what ever.  A very symbiotic friendship I imagine.  So happy Saturday to you!!


So just the other day I did a post , rather whiningly... is that a word.....???? about my angst trying so hard to visualize my retirement from working... how , when ... what would it be like etc.  For me it is sort of like going down a road which I am rapidly approaching, and not seeing what is around the bend....
    Well one response on this from my blog friend, Sarah, was a helpful link of another retiree who gave this a lot of thought, and is now doing a blog about retirement.  I found it very helpful, and wanted to share with you , just in case you are also trapped in the pit of indecision that I seem to be trapped in.  So if  this topic is of interest to you, check outChecquer Creative. This is a relatively new blog which has lots of really good advice on retirement thoughts, and I am looking forward to watching this as the blog develops and expands. Has given me some new ideas in thinking of this upcoming era in my life. Just wanted to share this with all of you, and hope you will all be having an awesome weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2016


 For the past few weeks and months I have been pondering, worrying  and praying about, thinking of, wondering if.... I should retire from my job. It has been frustrating to me, because the more I think about it, the more I seem to be in a quandary and the less that I seem to know the answer. My job is one that I really love and am so appreciative of  all of the benefits that it gives me, including an extremely flexible  24 hour a week schedule.  The past few weeks though have sort of given me a HINT when my schedule with work has been super slow, and i have found myself feeling more and more bored ( not that I am not doing things), but guess it is more that I don't feel productive, and have felt as if I am not accomplishing anything at all.  Not sure exactly what I am supposed to be ACCOMPLISHING at the age that I am, but never the less....  Very often, when I don't know the answer to something going on in my life, I can journal my way through it and figure out what is the right answer for me, but on this topic.  This has truly been an enigma to me though. Friends have told me " I will know when the time is right", but so far, no lightbulb has come on in my mind on the subject.
 As I was thinking about this topic yesterday and feeling annoyed with my indecision, I decided to head out to the park and take a little hike, and at times, I do get some messages from my time in nature. Anyway, met an older man who was out in his "hiking hat" and carrying a big book on butterflies. He was very enthused on the topic of butterflies, and the first thing you know, I was looking for them too. The little yellow and black above is a hummingbird moth. It  is a different looking one that others I have seen, and at first I thought it was a bee of some sort, but soon knew it was a moth, and what a cute little guy he was with his little proboscis.... probing for the last of summer's sweetness.
 There were several sorts of swallowtails fluttering about, and how colorful they were.
 Anyway, as I watch and waited , I did get another little message or hint about my dilemma of trying to figure out this retirement issue.  Several times during my photos, I had to wait and wait and wait, until these fluttering beauties would appear in a place that I was at, however, without fail, one of them did come along where I was at.... Could this be a big hint that life needs PATIENCE, and that eventually, if you persevere, the right moment and circumstance will present itself.
Somehow, in my mind, I have always  thought that it was a man who would have more difficulty adjusting to the idea of retirement. Always thought that a woman had plenty to do at home and could never get bored...... however ,   this past few years, I have also learned that for me, I have already done things around home, and that does not have the appeal it once did. So I am seeing more that this can definitely be a big issue for a woman too. Anyway, if anyone of you who are retired has any words of wisdom on this,  feel free to tell me all you know about t he  topic, MEANWHILE, guess I will keep seeking the answer  and trying to be patient while I wait for THE LIGHTBULB to come on! Hope all of you have a great weekend!