Monday, March 23, 2015


 Well it has, once again been awhile since I have had a chance to work on my blog, but had a few minutes today, SO wanted to stop in and share a little bit of SPRING with you. I was out at the grocery the other day and they had several colors of these pots of... I think they are called manzoni plants. I just love them, and think they delicate little buds on these are so cute. They somehow remind me of lillies of the valley, although the buds on these are much smaller, with each little flower being about the size of a pinhead.
     Really it is awesome seeing signs of spring, and where I am lots of the flowering trees are blooming. I was so done with winter, and am ready for spring and also an upcoming trip that my husband and i have planned. I know that some of you are still experiencing very cold weather, but take heart..... spring is coming soon.

Took this shot with my 105 mm lens and had the extender lenses on it, so really got a macro effect here.Also used  my tripod as even the tiniest movement makes a big blur. Also had a very low f stop at 1.4 so the depth of field is very shallow.

Speaking of new beginnings, my little granddaughter, Genevieve Grace, has discovered something new, and that is her foot and toes.  It was so fun watching her spend about an hour the other day looking at this interesting appendage.  It has been so fun being so close to her and being able to watch some of these new day to day things that she's doing. Hard to believe that she is already 4 months old. Congratulations to all of us for having made it through the winter!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


 Stopping by this morning to say HI and to send some KUDOS to those of you living in regions that have long winters with lots of snow. Don't know how you do it.This past week, here in the part of Texas that I live in, has had some winter weather, including  a day of THUNDER SLEET, what ever that is, snow rain, warm weather, and now a couple of inches of snow to be followed by freezing rain. Frankly, after a week of this, I am totally ready for SPRING. A little bit spoiled after 40 plus years of Texas winters. Anyway, I think that all of you who have long winters are just amazing not to just go crazy.  I decided this morning to take out my lensbaby that I got for my birthday last year, and try it out again.  Really a fun lens, but not one I have used very much.  Anyway, treated my self to a very small bouquet of flowers, and decided that would be my subject. The purpose of the LENSBABY is to be able to find a "sweet spot" or area of focus, and to have that spot surrounded with a mysterious blur, so the sweet spot really stands out. This is something that has to be manually focused, and think on very small areas, I may need some new and improved glasses.... but did my best.
Since I added the macro lens cover to the lens that I used, I also used this small sand filled tripod, which I have found great for macro work. Very easily adjusted to get perfect for  t he subject area, no matter how small it is.

I chose a tiny ring , which comes for the lensbaby which was a f stop of 4. The lens comes with all different sizes of rings , one to represent each f stop that your camera would have. The f stop of 4 that I chose gives you a very small depth of field, and this can be adjusted to meet what your goal is.

You can see on this shot that only the edges of the rose represent the sweet spot, and the rest is blurred.

 These last two shots demonstrate what the shot looks like choosing different areas for a sweet spot. On the first shot, I chose the roses, and on the bottom, the little teddy bear face. The farther away from the sweet spot you get , the more the blur effect. You achieve this increasing blur by bending the lens toward  the sweet spot that you choose, making an increase blur to the opposite end of your lens adjustment.  This lens has many creative choices, totally up to you, and are fun for creative shots.  I have a long way to go on it, but did have fun this morning with this lens.  Much more fun than I would have had complaining about the weather or wishing for spring.  Hugs to all of you on this chilly

Monday, February 23, 2015


Gorgeous view from my hotel balcony at dawn. Resort was very spread out with many lovely sidewalks along the "river", where in warmer months, you can float all around the resort in an inner tube on the river.

Beautiful marble staircase in the hotel lobby

A great space in my condo, with even a space to sit in the morning with my journal. Can't go anywhere without that tool.

Beautiful spaces every few feet in the PALM COURT to sit, relax, and just enjoy the beauty

The PALM COURT where we had most of our very elegant meals. Great food and service added to the beauty

Sunrise beauty... with a few birds arriving late from colder places???

Love the sun just peeking over the horizon for a new day. Such beauty right out of my front door.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Spent some time this past weekend out driving around the country side near my cabin looking for the perfect tree to photograph for a scripture that I wanted to place on the photo. Well, I saw  lots of pretty scenery, and even some curious cows.  i also had a lot of fun checking out some scenery that I had not scene before.  I just love all of the dirt roads leading to awesome places that are around my cabin. Such fun.  Finally by the end of the day, I found one tree t hat was not too bad, but, it is not THE TREE  that I am looking for.  I did think though that this sunset shot would look lovely with one of Kims great textures on it. Sort of countrified the look, and will definitely use a texture when I find THE TREE. Am planning to keep on looking, and hope to find the right tree sometime before spring comes, as this quote will require a bare tree.

Kim Klassen dot com

Monday, February 16, 2015


 Spent some great time up at my mountain cabin this weekend, and part of the time was spent with my photography. Still taking a a Digital photography class at the University ( only 2 more classes yet for this level), and part of our assignment was to take some photos using different F stops. So when I woke up before sunrise and saw the lighting outside, I ran and grabbed my camera, and in this case got my 5o mm 1.4 lens, which is my favorite for capturing shallow depth of field. Anyway, used my tripod also since it was still pretty dark out, and also adjusted my White Balance to tungsten, which I personally like the cool effect you get at this dawn or dusk hour.  Makes a real difference if you use tungsten as opposed to automatic, or another option. I think it is at least in part personal preference and what effect you are trying to achieve.  In this case at least, I liked the tungsten.  In this first photo, I used an F stop of 22, so that you get not only the subject, but also the background in good focus.  You can see the "whole picture" here. 
In this second photo, I used a lower number F stop, which gives you less of the background in focus.  in this case my F stop was 8, and I thought it sort of gave this photo an effect of the "measles" since there were some trees closer and really made the dead leaves pop out.

This last photo was taken with an F stop of 1.4, which makes the subject really pop out more, and the background much less visible. This is my personal favorite. Which effect do you like  the best.?  Hope all of you had a great weekend and a lovely Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


 One thing that i love is to be out with my camera in differing places and "people watch". It is so fun to see all of t he diversity that is out there. I love to see people who seem different or who are passionately involved in what they are doing. It doesn't always seem to matter what status they are in life, people can always find something they are passionate about, and are not afraid to let their passion show!  One thing that is hard about photographing these folks is , for me, that I don't always feel comfortable taking a shot to "capture their moment." in the sun. Sometimes, I ask permission to photograph them, but many times, I just surrepticiously grab a shot when they aren't paying attention.   How do you handle this sort of photograph?  Do you ask? Do you enjoy this sort of people watching too? Very soon in Texas, an annual spring event will be here. It is Scarborough Faire, and I am definitely planning to go there and hopefully get some fun shots of these folks in period costumes. So much fun! Hope that all of you are having a great week. 
I just finished my 4th photography class at t he University here.  2 more to go in this level, and then plan to sign up for Digital 2, then in the future, some fun classes such as Wildlife Photography.  That will be fun, and  looking forward to it.  This weekend, planning to work on my class "final assignment", so plan some fun doing this.   HAVE A GREAT WEEK!